CAFRAD is delighted to inform you that the next session of the IAC-CAFRAD Seminar Series is scheduled for Thursday, June 16th, at 1PM GMT time via Zoom.

The discussion for this week will be around “Transports and Logistics in Africa: Current State and Prospects “.

For this special session, the topic will be discussed by our honorable guests:

  • Mustapha EL KHAYAT:University Professor and International Consultant, President of the Moroccan Association for Logistics (AMLOG), Vice-President of the African Federation of Logisticians Associations (FAAL), Member of FAAL  (Speaker);
  • Jules Rocky EMBOUNOU: Department head at the one stop shop for Cross-Border Operations (GUOT), President of ACOLOG in CONGO, Representative of the Federation of Associations of Logisticians in Central Africa (FALAC) (speaker)
  • Moïse Bernard KANE : Supply Manager at MODEC (Oil & Gaz Industry), in charge of the Scientific Committee of the Association of Logisticians of Senegal (ALS), Representative of the West African Federation of Associations of Logisticians, Member of FAAL (speakers);
  • Mohamed HARAKAT : Permanent Lecturer at Mohammed V University – Rabat, Founding Director of the Moroccan Journal of Audit and Development (Moderator).

Language: FRENCH

Join us on this ZOOM link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83375250891

We are convinced that your participation will contribute to the richness of the discussion.

We are awaiting your participation and are at your disposal for any further query.

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