CAFRAD organizes Africa-China Governance Summit

CAFRAD, in collaboration with People’s Republic of China and Africa-Mulatako Invest Holding, organizes Africa-China Governance Summit, on the theme of Transforming Governance and raising the populations’ standard of living. The summit will be held from March 19th-24th, in Beijing, China.

The issue of the role and relevance of the governance in enhancing the economic and human potential of African countries is essential to our Institution. Since geopolitical transformations and changes today have national repercussions, they require adjustments of public policies. As Africa is also involved, populations are nowadays demanding and needing actions that guarantee an increase in living standards and well-being. The Africa-China Summit aims to serve as a source of thinking and debates on the effective transformation of Governance to raise the standard of living of African populations.

This important conference will be an opportunity to allow Ministers from member states and non-member states of CAFRAD to reflect on the various innovative strategies and mechanisms more suited to improving the quality of governance, while taking into consideration the needs of populations.

More information on the content and Summit activities is available in the Presentation File

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