Publication of the latest issue of CAFRAD’s biannual journal “African Administration Studies”

The Pan-African Intergovernmental Organization (CAFRAD) is honored to announce the publication of its latest release. It is the 88th issue of the “African Administration Studies”, a bilingual and biannual journal gathering a set of research and studies on current questions and subjects of the Public Sector and Governance in Africa, which are key issues tackled in CAFRAD’s activities and projects.

Dedicated to the study, research, diffusion as well as exchange of knowledge and information on all aspects of Public Administration and Governance, it is a release that assembles more than ten scientific papers written by researchers, experts and scholars from different African countries. This book is the materialization of the efforts of member and non-member states in terms of research on priority questions in the field of governance and the transformation of the State and the Public Administration in Africa. The present publication has a scientific character and a motley content, dealing with current issues that are directly related to the Public Administration.

Thanks to this publication, CAFRAD follows its objective of training and relaying knowledge, as well as bring to the governments of African countries and related agencies the necessary support to their efforts towards the modernization, development, reinforcement of capacities, as well as innovation in the different segments of Public Administration.

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